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Global Estate Group is taking the lead in
developing future-proof real estate with a positive environmental impact.
We focus on the reconversion of commercial real estate and mixed-use projects, both build-to-suit and ready-to-buy.

A decisive approach

As property developers, we act decisively and sensibly. As one team with all partners. For a quick and smart result. For future-proof real estate. For a positive impact on the environment.

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Kerstboom markeert hoogste punt in O-Forty

In Blok F in O-Forty (Oostkamp) is het hoogste punt bereikt! Traditioneel wordt dit moment gemarkeerd door het plaatsen van een meiboom. Gezien de periode van het jaar, leek het ons leuk om voor…

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O Forty c Global Estate Group 31


As property developers who want to positively impact the environment, we do not only develop future-proof properties but also commit to an integrated sustainability policy as one team.