Global Estate Group has pioneered the development of SME units for more than a decade. We focus heavily on the reconversion of industrial, logistical and mixed-use projects. Our projects are mainly located in West and East Flanders, but we are always on the lookout for opportunities in Limburg, Wallonia and Brussels.

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    Careel SME Estate

    Global Estate Group is developing the Careel SME estate on the former site of the construction company Van Maercke in Kluisbergen. Thirty SME units were built in the first phase. The…

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    The Veemarkt in Sint-Michiels (Bruges) is a extraordinary project in a strategic location between the city and Tillegem forest. Departing from the site's unique identity, Global Estate Group is…

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    De Melkerij

    After the Campina plant closed in 2015, the site in Sleidinge looked abandoned. Global Estate Group purchased the plot in 2019 and drafted a master plan to redevelop the contaminated, underused…

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    Global Estate Group is developing O-Forty along the E40 motorway near the Oostkamp exit. This ultramodern Business & Meeting Centre provides office space for over 800 employees of companies…

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    Cap d'Artisans

    Global Estate Group is launching its first project across the border in Cappelle-La-Grande, near Dunkirk. The project, named Cap d'Artisans, includes the development of 22 SME units with floor…

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    Broelhotel Residence

    Global Estate Group is developing a beautiful residential project with 20 luxury flats on the former Hotel Broel site.

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    Global Estate Group bought the former Douwe Egberts site in May 2018 with the aim of redeveloping it into a modern, sustainable and multifunctional business estate named Hi!.

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    Houtland West SME Estate

    Global Estate Group is developing the former site of Dupont Biscuits, a company that produces biscuits for ice cream, in the Industriestraat in Ichtegem into a new business estate.

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