From SME estates, logistical and mixed-use projects to leading industrial properties: look at our completed projects here.

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    De Knok SME Estate

    De Knok has been located on the site formerly occupied by wholesaler Vanhauwaert since 2022. The business estate consists of 18 warehouses with a surface area of between 127 m² and 349 m².

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    Park Bell

    On a former Belgacom site, we developed Park Bell: a beautiful apartment complex with 88 residential units spread over four buildings. The project was completed in 2022.

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    Permeke SME Estate

    We purchased the 1.5 ha site in 2018 and redeveloped the dilapidated, old warehouses into a vibrant new business estate that can accommodate 24 companies. The project was finished in 2023.

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    Green Front

    Nestled between the canal and the forest, you will find Green Front on the former site of Verhelst Bouwmaterialen. The 56 flats and two commercial spaces were completed in 2022.

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    Boostkamp SME Estate

    Global Estate Group redeveloped two properties into a modern, multifunctional business estate with 19 units that were finished in 2023. The total surface area is ca. 1.5 ha.

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    De Melane SME Estate

    On this 6.5-hectare site, Global Estate Group developed a business estate with 18 SME units and 11 lots of industrial land in 2022.

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    We developed about 30 ha of industrial land in the transport zone LAR South. DSV, Widem and Batim, among others, counted on our expertise for the design of their new buildings.

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    Veldegem Statie SME Estate

    Global Estate Group redeveloped this old iron foundry into a new SME park in 2020. In addition to 25 SME units, Veldegem Statie comprises a commercial space and three flats.

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